Tuesday, October 26, 2010

HTML5 and CSS3 session resources now available

Over the last month or so, I've been traveling a fair amount speaking at .NET events around the world. From TechDays stops in Canada, to a quick stop in Florida for the SW Florida Code Camp, to the local (and huge!) Houston TechFest, to my most recent stop in Bulgaria for DevReach 2010, it's definitely "Fall Travel Season" in full-swing.

At several of the conferences I've visited this fall, I've talked a lot about two technologies that I'm particularly passionate about right now: HTML5 and CSS3. These two evolving standards represent the future of standards-based web development, and with the current crop of browsers, there is no reason to delay adding these technologies to your web applications. If you attended one of my sessions at these events, a special thank you to you! Hopefully you enjoyed the sessions and were able to learn something in the time we spent together.

For everyone else, I've made the slides from these sessions available online via SlideShare. Both presentations are embedded above in this post (sorry RSS readers), but be sure to visit the presentations on SlideShare to see the full slide notes, where I've captured many of the useful links to HTML5 and CSS3 resources that compliment the slides.

Want more HTML5 and CSS3? First, make sure you're following me on Twitter. Much of what I share is related to HTML5 and CSS3, so hopefully you'll catch some good links there. Second, watch for these sessions at an event near your in 2011. I plan to continue talking a lot about HTML5 and CSS3 in 2011, so I look forward to seeing you in a session soon! For now, enjoy the resources.