Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Q3 2010 is Live!


And just like that, Q3 2010 is live on! A slightly new and improved, at that. Today marks the official release of Telerik's final major update to the Telerik toolbox for 2010, and it is a huge release (as promised). More than 10 products get updated in this single release, so it's no small feat of both coordination and dedicated effort to continue to provide the most aggressive (some might say "agile") release schedule available from a professional software development lifecycle vendor.

By now, you've hopefully seen much of what's new in today's release, either in the pre-release blog series on the Telerik Blogs or in the "Live from HQ" videos here on Telerik Watch. We know it's a lot to absorb, so don't miss next week's Webinar Week, where we'll help introduce you to all of the new timesaving, developer rock-star making features and controls.

At a high level, here are some of the new things you'll find in Q3 2010:

  • AJAX
    • Two new controls: TreeList and Button
    • Improved SharePoint 2010 WebParts (for Grid and Editor)
    • Cool new Coverflow mode in Rotator
    • Built-in OData support in Grid
    • Progress indicator in AsyncUpload
  • MVC
    • Two new Extensions: TimePicker and DateTimePicker
    • RTL support and Section 508 / Level A accessibility conformance
    • Grid improvements (like column reordering and header templates)
  • WinForms
    • New control: CommandBar (replaces ToolStrip)
    • Grid improvements (lazy loading, Excel 2010-like filtering, new hierarchy modes)
    • Scheduler improvements (time zones, in-place editors)
  • Silverlight (WPF)
    • New theme: Expression Dark
    • New data visualizations: SparkLines and BulletGraphs
    • New control (WPF only): ScheduleView
    • RichTextBox improvements (Table support, spell check, export to PDF)
    • ESRI shapefile support in RadMap
  • Telerik Reporting
    • SQL Analysis Services Cube support (with new Cube Data Source)
    • XML Report Serialization (save your report definitions in XML files)
    • Interactive report drill-down
  • OpenAccess ORM
    • New converter: LinqToSql (more coming in the future)
    • Spatial types support, improved Fluent API, PostgreSQL support
    • New OpenAccess ORM SDK browser (very cool. check it out!)
  • JustCode
    • Unit Test Runner: Added MSpec support, improved speed
    • Lot's of NEW:
      • New Refactorings in C# and VB
      • New visual features (like structural highlighting, configurable visual aid size)
      • New quick fixes (like "Create Parameter" or "Create Field)
      • New code templates with quick Shift+Space access
  • JustMock
    • Many additional mocking scenarios now supported, like:
      • Mocking LINQ queries with custom selects
      • Mocking Castle ActiveRecord
      • Raising mocked events
  • WebUI Test Studio (Huge update!)
    • New in QA: Test Scheduling and Remote Execution!
    • Email notifications for test completion
    • New browser support: Google Chrome (and Safari 5 + IE 9)
    • New test step explorer (with support for conditional test step logic)
    • New (pretty!) test execution UI and visual test debugging

Phew! That's a ton- and that's a very light "summary" of Q3 2010. AND that doesn't include the recently introduced RadControls for Windows Phone and next week's updates coming to TeamPulse! Enjoy the Q3 2010 bits and remember to join us next week for the webinars.

Download the Q3 2010 bits