Tuesday, May 29, 2007

PDC 2007 canceled

Did this one slip by you, too? As I sit hear listening to the Windows Weekly podcast with Paul Thurrott, I was shocked to hear Paul suggest that the PDC 2007 conference has been canceled. A quick trip to the official MSDN Events page confirms the message: PDC 2007 is being "rescheduled" to better align with the "next wave of platform technologies". The apparent reasoning is that there will not be enough new technology to talk about at this year's event, so it is doubtful that we'll see PDC rescheduled for 2007.

Telerik was planning on attending PDC 2007, so obviously this is an unfortunate turn of events. We always enjoy the opportunity to meet with Telerik developers at conferences like PDC, and I expect we'll be seeing many of you at next week's TechEd 2007 in Orlando. I'm not sure at this point if we'll be replacing this year's appearance at PDC with another event, but if you miss TechEd you should still be able to see us at DevConnections in November.


schmosef said...

PDC R.I.P. Means 'What?'

Zack Owens said...

Well, maybe Windows 7 will be thrown in there too. Maybe Office 14? I bet it was delayed due to that. Silverlight is most likely on track, which you would have thought that that would be a big thing. Oh and Orcas seems to be off track as well. That may have contributed to that significantly.