Wednesday, May 23, 2007

RadControls Q1 2007 SP1 released

Less than a week after the WinForms service pack release, the RadControls for ASP.NET service pack has officially been set free. This service pack updates both the "traditional" ASP.NET controls and the new "Prometheus" controls based on ASP.NET AJAX. Here are some of the highlights from the release notes:

  • New features in RadCalendar
    • Drag-and-drop text over DateInput and it will be evaluated
    • New properties to set calendar navigation tooltips
  • 10 new events added to RadGrid
  • Multi-level client-side load on demand now supported in RadTreeView
  • Over 75 additional bug fixes across all RadControls
  • New AjaxProxyManager in RadAjax "Prometheus"
  • New properties and events in RadDock "Prometheus"
  • New window border detection in RadColorPicker
  • 2 new RadToolTip animations: Flyin and Slide
  • Over 20 additional bug fixes across "Prometheus" controls
Clearly, this is a big service pack and definitely worth downloading if you've had any trouble with Q1 2007. Click here for the full release notes for RadControls and click here for "Prometheus" control release notes. The only service pack left now is Telerik Reporting SP1, which should be available in a couple of weeks.