Friday, June 15, 2007

RadControl road maps updated for Q2

Now that the Q1 release is a thing of the past (and the first round of service packs is already released), it's time to start talking in more detail about the Q2 2007 release. This release is due in late September and it will be almost as big as the Q1 release with updates (and new products) for WinForms, ASP.NET, "Prometheus", and Reporting. Here's the public highlights so far:

RadControls for ASP.NET

  • New major version of RadGrid (v5)
  • New image control will be delayed (will not be in Q2)
  • More major improvements to RadChart (such as smart labels)
RadControls "Prometheus" for ASP.NET
  • New controls: RadScheduler (v1)
  • New major version of RadEditor (v8)
    • Featuring new optimized loading mechanism for client-side features
  • "Prometheus'd" versions of RadWindow, RadUpload
RadControls for WinForms
  • Major performance optimizations for all controls
  • New features for RadGridView (such as hierarchal data support)
Telerik Reporting (due in October)
  • New report wizard
  • New report items: HtmlTextBox, Table
  • Support for hierarchal data
  • More support for expressions
  • Export to Excel (CSV) support
  • Support for passing parameters into a report
This is not an exhaustive list of Q2's impending improvements by any standard, so expect more details in the coming weeks. Only 15 weeks to go before the next big release!


Adrian said...

Silverligh v1.1 anyone?
I really hope to see something in this area soon..

Adam Rogas said...

Do you know if you will be able to dynamicly load a Prometheus radEditor control into an updatePanel area.

for instance you have a scenario that you have editors that are specific seperate UserControls for multiple types in your application and you want to use LoadControl from the page to dynamicly load a control that contains a radEditor into the updatePanel area, based on earlier process input.

Anonymous said...

Adam: Did you try the same scenario with the current version of RadEditor? Without checking I am pretty sure that you will be able to load ASCX with RadEditor in an UpdatePanel...

Todd Anglin said...


We'll have more to share on our plans for Silverlight soon. As you know, Microsoft has not yet finished the Silverlight 1.1 framework, so at the moment we're waiting to see what they'll include in the final version. At present, the alpha doesn't have any support for data binding. We expect that will change, which is why we want to wait for the framework to settle down a bit.

Based on Microsoft's timing, I wouldn't expect to see official Silverlight controls in the Q2 timeframe. If MS finalizes 1.1 soon, there may be controls available by the end of the year, though. Stay tuned...