Tuesday, July 10, 2007

RadControls for WinForms SP2 released, Grid main focus

Although the second service pack for WinForms Q1 2007 is a couple of weeks late, it is now readily available for download from your Client.net accounts packed full of improvements. As I mentioned previously, this service pack was delayed primarily to ensure that a robust round of QA drove out as many bugs and performance issues as possible. And it looks as if the extra time has paid off.

RadGridView received most of the major updates in this update, including a 30% performance increase over previous versions. In addition to performance optimizations and over 18 important bug fixes, RadGridView received a number of new helpful properties, including:

  • GridViewDataColumn.IsSorted - indicates if column is sorted
  • GridViewDataColumn.IsGrouped - indicates if column is grouped
  • GridViewTemplate.AutoExpandGroups - automatically expands Grid groups
  • GridViewTemplate.ShowColumnHeaders - easily hide/show column headers
RadTreeView and RadChart also received major performance enhancements in this update. If you haven't noticed by now, improving the performance of the WinForms controls is a major focus of current development efforts. The performance of the controls is not bad by any standard, but we know it's not the level of excellence you expect from Telerik. We expect that this service pack and additional efforts in the Q2 release will fix this situation.

For now, check out the full release notes and enjoy the latest WinForms updates.