Thursday, August 30, 2007

Future bug in new Prometheus Futures build

Did you eagerly download today's "Prometheus" Futures build only to be confounded by strange JavaScript errors? Don't worry, it's probably not you. It appears today's Futures build was released with a build date in, well, the future. As Telerik's own Atanas Korchev detailed in a blog post early last month, products built on ASP.NET AJAX have a problem if the assembly's build date is in the future (relative to your local system clock). As you probably know, the RadControls are developed in Bulgaria which means the build clock is about 7 hours ahead of Eastern Time, making the assembly build date "in the future" for most of today's US work day.

To solve the problem, simply set your system clock to some time after 5:10 PM today. With your computer safely operating in the future, reload your Prometheus Futures page and your JavaScript issues should disappear. I've found that you can then set your system clock back to the correct time and the page will continue to function correctly, even after clearing your browser's cache.

Hopefully the next build will be built in the past so you don't have take your computer back to the future (thank you, I'll be here all week).

[Thanks to Shaun for reporting this in the forums.]