Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Input needed: RadGrid for WinForms v4

If you are a WinForms developer and you want to help shape the next version of RadGrid for WinForms, now is your chance to share your priorities. RadGrid is obviously one of the most important components in our WinForms suite and we've been working double-time to improve its quality (read: speed and performance). Now that the quality is much closer to being on par with the "Telerik standard", we want to make sure we focus on implementing the features that matter most to you.

Do you want export functionality first? Or do you want full hierarchal grids first? Your input in the RadGrid Survey will set our development agenda and help us deliver the correct feature set first. You have until August 31st to cast your vote in the survey, and to thank you for your time you'll get 300 Telerik points added to your Client.net account just for voting.

So what do you have to lose? The survey takes less than two minutes and you get to help set the direction of RadGrid. Vote today or forever hold your peace (well, at least until version 5).