Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The delayed exciting news: Get VS 2008 Pro for free!

Many, many moons ago, I promised some exciting news on this site for people in the Houston area. The news was really two fold: first, I wanted to announce the new North Houston .NET User Group that I created and invite everyone to attend/spread the word, and second, I wanted to let you know about a way you can get your own personal copy of VS 2008 Pro for free! Zippo. Nada. How you ask? By attending a VS 2008 InstallFest.

The InstallFests should be happening across the US during the last week of November and the first couple of weeks in December. They'll feature free food, Xbox fragging, and (of course) free copies of VS 2008 Pro. Not just a few copies. A free copy for everyone that attends the event. I don't have details for all of the InstallFests, but if you're in the Dallas, Houston, or Tulsa I've got you covered. Visit this link to register for the events and prepare to snag your freebies.

If you're not in Dallas, Houston, or Tulsa, try contacting your local DNUG and see if they have any details about an InstallFest in your area. Hopefully these will be available everywhere so you can all get in on the fun. In fact, if you have details about an InstallFest in your area, leave details in the comments so others can benefit.

I wanted to bring this news to you a couple of weeks ago, but some last minute details forced me to delay the announcement. You know about it now, though, and you've got to admit it's pretty cool. Now everybody summon their best Monster Garage voice and say it together: Freebies...freebies...freebies.


Scott said...

Becuase of your deplay, I can't make it to the Dallas User group! Anyway I can still get VS 2008 for free?? (Just booked a flight for busniess, returning on the 6th)

Todd Anglin said...


Sorry for the bad timing! :) Hopefully there will be other opportunities in your area to get VS 2008 free. If not, come on down to Houston on the 13th and you can grab a copy here.


Scott said...

Got my boss to change my flight. $100 is worth it to him for us developers to get the newest tools!
I'll see everyone there.