Thursday, November 01, 2007

Kazi Manzur joins Telerik team

I don't often blog when new people join the Telerik team, but this new team member deserves a bit of attention. I am pleased to announce that Kazi Manzur, active blogger, .NET community member, and of fame will be joining the Telerik Sitefinity development team. Kazi was previously a part of the core development team, a team that created one of the first full scale sites built on ASP.NET AJAX. Kazi brings an incredible wealth of ASP.NET AJAX knowledge to the Sitefintiy team along with experience developing for a high traffic portal page. Expect some cool things in future Sitefinity updates that take advantage of Kazi's expertise.

Sitefinity is really moving along at an incredible pace, so if you still haven't given the accelerated web development platform/CMS a look, now would be a good time. We're happy to welcome Kazi to the team and we hope you get excited about what's coming down the road!


Pete said...

Until sitefinity gets dynamic page properties like Umbraco, Kentico or EPiServer I won't go near it. Still, ya never know, 3.2? *crosses fingers* Great to have

Kazi on the team though, well done guys!


Pete said...

gosh, i just re-read my last comment and sounds very harsh. that was not my intention, I frequently check back on sitefinity to how things are progressing. once page properties are implemented, i will seriously consider offering it to clients.

Anonymous said...

Great going Kazi Manzur Rashid! It was fun working with you.

Tanzim Saqib

Anonymous said...

This is really great that Kazi joined the team, to my knowledge he is of great experience and talent, that all now goes to telerik!!


Unknown said...

Pete, can you clarify what page properties you are talking about?

KaziManzurRashid said...
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KaziManzurRashid said...

Thanks Todd. I am really honored and proud to become a member of the Telerik team.

Anonymous said...

congrats on kazi... He was one of the Guru of pageflakes team.

Pete said...

hi bob, sure i can. in umbraco, kentico and episerver you can create pagetypes. each pagetype is made up of page-properties that have a property-type and a associated editor. So if I want to create a new page, i simply its of the page-type memberPageType that has the properties Name, Email and Skills. Name is of type string<255 and has single line editor, Email is of type string<255 and has a Email editor. Skills is of type Text and has a RichTextEditor. Each PageType has an associate template that the defined page-properties are injected into. All in all it's very effective.

Hope that make sense. Cheers, Pete