Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Non-standard skins removed from "Prometheus" in SP1

For those of you that use the Telerik provided skins in your applications, a change has been made in the SP1 update of the "Prometheus" controls that you need to note. As of today's SP1, the non-standard skins- meaning the skins that do not exist for all of the controls- are no longer embedded in the "Prometheus" assembly. Only the common skins, or the skins that exist for every control, will remain embedded in the assembly. At latest count, that means you can still find 11 high quality, Telerik crafted skins embedded in the "Prometheus" DLL for use throughout your application.

This change shouldn't affect too many of you out there; there are not many non-standard skins available for "Prometheus". If you do find yourself affected, though, there is an easy solution. All non-standard skins are now being made available as a single zipped download that you can grab and deploy to your site. That will enable you to continue to use the non-standard skins just as you would any other custom skin you build for the RadControls. Just visit the Telerik skins page and select "RadControls Prometheus for ASP.NET" from the product drop down and "2007.3 1314" from the version drop down to get the file.

Ultimately we hope that this change makes the RadControls skinning experience better than ever now that you can rest on the knowledge that all embedded skins are common for all controls.