Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sitefintiy, DiscountASP.NET partnership launched

This is some exciting news that we've been working hard to make happen for some time now. Starting today, DiscountASP.NET and Telerik have partnered to bring you a special deal for hosting your Sitefinity CMS sites. For a limited time (not sure how limited), you can get 6 free months of hosting at DiscountASP.NET to run your Sitefinity CMS site with the promo code "sitefinity2008." As with Discount's other "6 month free" deals, you'll need to sign-up for a year of service and you'll also need to buy the SQL Server add-on if you plan on having Discount host your SQL Server database for you.

If you've never used DiscountASP.NET before, I can attest first hand to the great, quality shared hosting they provide. They're not the cheapest hosting in town (especially when you add SQL to the mix), but they are extremely reliable, performant, and supportive. I always recommend Discount for people seeking shared hosting for sites that matter. The only reason I don't recommend Discount is for people that need more system access than shared hosting can provide and are ready for dedicated or VPS hosting.

That said, DiscountASP is a great place to host your Sitefinity CMS site. Sitefinity is easy to get setup and running on Discount's servers- we even have a KB article dedicated to the topic- so you'll be in business in no time. There are a few (less than 7) medium trust issues with Discount and Sitefinity, but they will all be resolved in the coming weeks and none of them are show stoppers. I've got multiple Sitefinity sites running on Discount right now without issue.

So enjoy the discount and take this opportunity to setup your own Sitefinity site, even if just for fun and experimentation. Trust me. You'll like it. Or don't trust me, and try it for yourself. Either way...you get my point.