Saturday, May 31, 2008

RadControls for WPF Beta released!

radControlsWpf As promised in my recent TechEd post, here is the first of several exciting announcements Telerik will be making over the next week or so: Telerik has officially released the first beta of its brand new RadControls for WPF! If you've been waiting for WPF to gain the tools it needs to be a competitive alternative to your traditional WinForms development, Telerik's entrance in to this market should make your choice a lot easier. This first beta is only introducing a few controls, though, so don't expect a full toolbox right now. We've been investing a lot of energy in to building a super-high performance WPF data grid for this initial release, but as we move closer to the official release in Q2 you can count on more controls filling-out the suite. Included in the first beta are:

  • RadGridView for WPF
  • RadCarousel for WPF
  • RadCalendar for WPF

We'll be showing-off these new controls at TechEd next week, but if you want to play with them now, you can! Simply visit the RadControls for WPF online demos page. That's right, online demos. We've made the WPF demos available as a browser-accessible XBAP application so you can check the demos out without the need for an install. The demo application is about 11MB and it only takes a few minutes to download and startup over a broadband connection. You'll also need IE7 to view the demos (for now), so Firefox users take note- XBAPs have actually crashed Firefox for me when I accidentally try to load them.

I hope you enjoy the early preview of our work for WPF. We've obviously got a ways to go before things are release quality, but we're working very quickly. The first "official" release of the RadControls for WPF is currently targeting our big Q2 release- less than 10 weeks away!