Thursday, September 04, 2008

Advanced RadGrid webinar follow-up, video (update)

This Tuesday, Falafel CEO Lino Tadros delivered a great RadWebinar on RadGrid. It was the first free RadWebinar, and the turn-out was great! Over 200 people from around the globe tuned-in for the live event, and many questions were addressed during the live session. A big thanks to Lino for putting on such a great event and to all of you that attended live! We hope you enjoy these live resources in addition to all of the other video we're generating these days. If you didn't get to see the live webinar, or if you just want to re-watch your favorite parts, we have the on-demand resources ready for your enjoyment. You can watch a streaming, on-demand version of the webinar at the bottom of this post and grab the complete webinar demo code (and PDF courseware and Q&A PDF) too. Soon we'll have a centralized location for viewing all past Telerik webinars, but for now enjoy the video from the comfort of Telerik Watch. Stay tuned for another webinar announcement soon and keeping sending us your feedback so we know where to focus our webinar content in the future!

NOTE: We'll be making the higher quality (and larger file size) video available for direct download soon. I'll put the link here when it's ready.
UPDATE: Larger video is now available on Telerik TV:


Anonymous said...

Hey Todd, any news of the full size video?


Anonymous said...

Hi, at the webinar you said that the list of questions and answers would be emailed. Is that still coming yet?

Anonymous said...

Any word yet on the high-quality video? The current one is pretty hard to follow since I can't make out the text.


Todd Anglin said...

@Chap et al- Sorry for the delay getting the HD video up for your viewing. I've been "displaced" by the recent hurricane in Texas, so this has delayed some key tasks. Rest assured, this is still on our radar and we're working hard to get the HD version re-encoded and uploaded ASAP. I'll post a new entry when it's available so you wont miss it.

Anonymous said...

Still waiting for this video to be available. This was a good one!