Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hurricane Ike attacks Telerik Houston

As you've probably heard about by now, over the weekend the Houston and Galveston areas (and many areas to the north) were slammed by massive Hurricane Ike. The storm that canceled the Houston TechFest came on shore early Saturday morning and carved a path that happened to drive directly over my home base in North Houston. Thankfully, no one was hurt and no serious damage was inflicted to homes or businesses in my immediate area, but the storm did knock-out the power, which still remains out of commission today. But while the storm has disrupted life here in Houston, I know for many of you it's life as usual and that means you need your Telerik Watch updates. In that spirit, I've "retreated" to the powered parts of North Texas and am now back online, ready to bring you your regularly scheduled Telerik Watch programming. Many thanks to all of you that kept us in your prayers over the weekend and for your kind words. All is well and now it's time to get back to making your developer lives easier than ever before! See some pics of Ike aftermath in The Woodlands


Anonymous said...

Some of our current weather, over Denmark, are "children" of Ike - amazing nature, amazing power.

Mike said...

I had no idea you were in Houston - I was born there. Also live for a time in Bay City (Go Blackcats!), Lake Jackson, and up near Ft. Worth in Cleburne (Go Yellow Jackets!). Hope all is well and safe and that you can return to the levels of 95% humidity and never ending mosquitoes that is the Texas coast!

Todd Anglin said...

@Anon- I agree, the power of weather is amazing.

@Mike- Yeah, I'm just north of Houston in The Woodlands. The weather right now is actually incredible! Mid-70's, dry, cool in the evenings. I guess after some terrible weather last weekend we got some relief with great weather this week.