Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Survey: What would you power?

Given my recent encounter with a power-less world, I've been inspired to finally update the Telerik Watch Poll. In the days after Hurricane Ike, the silence of a city without electricity quickly transformed in to the sound of roaring portable generators, rumbling away in many people's driveways, supplying them with a trickle of power. In most cases, these generators could only support a few devices, so many people had to choose what was important enough to plug-in to their precious supply of electricity. That got me thinking... If you could only power a single device with your generator for an entire week, what device would you choose? Clearly, this is a bit of an extreme question since genertors would allow you to power multiple devices, but play along. If you had to pick a single electric device to power in your house for a week (a choice you couldn't change), what would you pick? The refrigerator to save your food? Your air conditioning to remain comfortable? Your computer to avoid withdrawls? Make your opinion known in the new poll!


Anonymous said...

Todd you forgot the phone charger. This would power the iPhone. You still have your computer, TV and act as a GPS to find your way around to buy up the storm damaged AC unit and new fridge before the power is switched back on at a big discount. It would also allow you to order take-out (Tandoori or flame grilled) that hasn't been blown away in the hurricane.

Asit said...

And electric shaver of course. How can you order take-out without shaving? They may mistake you for a bum and not give you food.

Todd Anglin said...

@Gerry- iPhone is a "freebie" since you can charge it in your car (assuming you A) have a car, and B) have gas). Surprisingly, the iPhone and its Internet worked throughout the storm and power outages!

Anonymous said...

well, we only need the computer, to eat just log in to the local pizzeria and order homedelivery and pay online.
TV is often streamed on the net so.. ;)

Todd, you don't need gas to charge your phone in the car as long as the battery remains loaded :D