Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Welcome new Telerik Evangelists

This was a big week for the Telerik Evangelism Team. As of Monday, our ranks grew by two as we welcomed John Kellar and Gabe Sumner to Telerik's Developer Evangelism role. Both of these guys are outstanding developers and great communicators, so we're very happy to have them on our team.

Gabe is coming to Telerik from a long background doing mostly web development for a large real estate company. But you probably know him as a Sitefinity MVP, a Telerik product Gabe has been involved with for quite some time now. As a Telerik Evangelist, Gabe will be focusing primarily on Sitefinity and SharePoint, so if you're working with either of those technologies, expect Telerik's attention to your needs to improve radically in the coming weeks and months.
Meanwhile, John is joining Telerik after spending the last few years consulting. John is already a very active .NET community member (he runs the big devLink conference in Nashville) and a C# MVP. He'll be applying his real world experience with client app development to focus on Telerik's WinForms and WPF products, so expect some great resources from John in the future to help you with your WinForms and WPF projects.
Join me in welcoming these guys to the Telerik Team and be sure to say 'hi' next time you see them at .NET event somewhere in the world!


Anonymous said...

Welcome John And Gabe!
Good luck and have lots of fun!


Gabe Sumner said...

Thanks Lino. It's great to be part of the team.

Asit said...

Welcome John and Gabe!

The bar has been set too high already. But don't be pressurized :)

John Kellar said...

Thanks, hopefully we can deliver more than expected