Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Random Online Utility: WhatTheFont

I think I'm going to start a new series on Telerik Watch to highlight my favorite (usually free) ROUs, or Random Online Utilities. You know the ones. The little online utilities that only do one thing but do it so well that you can't imagine working without them. Take for example the utility that someone in Telerik pointed me to today called "WhatTheFont." As the name implies, you simply upload an image that contains the font you're trying to decipher, help the online tool recognize your letters, and then it's off to the races providing you with likely font matches. And it works! I used it today to figure out the font used in Telerik's Sitefinity logo. Now, this probably isn't a tool I'll use often, but it's definitely cool to know there is a tool out there that can help solve the infamous "what font are they using" question when the time comes. Hopefully this will come in handy next time you face a similar dilemma. Stay tuned for more "Radom Online Utilties" over the next few weeks and months. In the mean time, what little ROUs do you find essential (or just plain cool)?


Shaun Peet said...


Generates the favicon for a website based on an image that you can upload. Can be a static or animated favicon.

Anonymous said...

These aren't tools per se, but great places to find free icons for your web apps.


Asit said...

Having a ROU section is a great idea.

Asit said...

You should also have RDU - Random Downloadable Utilities :)

Asit said...

Of course, thinking like a true developer (to cover all possible combinations) while making things as confusing and complicated as possible :) , it should be RDU(x). Where x is:

F - Free
F(nn) where nn is the number of days free before it has to be bought
P - Paid

Hope I made it clear as mud :)

Anonymous said...

Wow Asit. It must be exhausting to be in your brain. :) :) :)

Thanks to this tip, I now have a logo for Sitefinity Watch. Hooray!