Thursday, April 23, 2009

More Q1 2009 SP1s available, Reporting due soon

A couple of weeks ago, I brought to your attention the first round of service packs Telerik released for Q1 2009 controls. This week, let me bring your attention to (most) of the remaining service packs. Now, in addition the SP1s for ASP.NET, OpenAccess ORM, and WebUI Test Studio, we have SP1s for the RadControls for Silverlight, WPF, and WinForms. The new versions (for quick reference) are:

The only "missing" SP1 is for Telerik Reporting. The product team is finishing-up some work on fixing bugs in the new cross tab support, and as soon as that work is done, SP1 will be released. Meanwhile, there is a lot to be excited about in these new releases. In WinForms land, there are lots performance improvements and tweaks across the controls. The GridView, in particular, has optimized performance for conditional formatting, and the Calendar now supports drag-to-select operations. For the XAML controls, there is a ton happening in SP1. For the XAML GridView and Charts (remember, SL and WPF share a code base at Telerik), there are many, many new features, including everything from ExcelML export in the GridView to two new 2D chart types in Charts (StackedLine and StackedSpline). Silverlight also adds support to RadDock in SP1 for saving and loading state, so you can now easily persist user Dock settings. For complete details, be sure to check the Release Notes links above. Enjoy the SPs and stay tuned for updates on the Q2 2009 Road Map (coming very soon)!


Gregory Wilmes said...

I am really waiting for RadWindow/WPF and hope it will appear on Q2 2009 Road Map, standard windows/messagebox with Xbap apps are not very 'nice'.