Thursday, April 09, 2009

Q1 2009 Service Packs starting to ship (update)

Looking for some updates for your Q1 2009 RadControls and Telerik tools? Then you may want to start grabbing some of the Q1 2009 first-round Service Packs. So far, there are two SP1s available for the Q1 2009 release:

  • SP1 for the RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX (2009.1.402)
  • Sp1 for Telerik OpenAccess ORM (2009.1.405)
  • [UPDATE] SP1 for Telerik WebUI Test Studio (2009.1.402)
For the ASP.NET AJAX controls, SP1 marks Telerik's official support for Microsoft's latest and greatest version of IE. If you need to officially support IE8 for your customers, make sure you install Q1 2009 SP1. In fact, if you want the most recent build with even more fixes, check-out the Latest Internal Build (2009.1.408) for the ASP.NET controls. You won't get an installer with the Latest Build, but you will get the most up-to-date set of hotfixes for your code. For ORM, SP1 is also loaded with fixes and improvements. Most notably, SP1 continues to deliver enhancements to OpenAccess' support for LINQ. You can now use String.Compare and Collection.Contains() in your LINQ queries and the proper OpenAccess SQL will be parsed. There is, of course, much more, so I encourage you to review the release notes (linked above) and see if SP1 addresses issues you've been having with OpenAccess. For the other Telerik products, SP1s are coming soon. The Silverlight and WPF SP1 releases are just around the corner and should be available on by early next week. The WinForms SP1 is about a week away and the Telerik Reporting SP1 is about two weeks away. I'll post another update once all of those SPs are out the door. Until then, grab the service packs from your downloads page and continue to enjoy Q1!
UPDATE: Forgot to mention the Sp1 for the Telerik WebUI Test Studio! Thanks Konstantin! Find the link the the release notes above.


Shaun Peet said...

Todd, what would be your advice for getting the Telerik.Web.Design to work properly after applying the latest internal build?

Todd Anglin said...

@Shaun- I think it should be a simple matter of replacing the version of Telerik.Web.Design in your GAC with the new version that ships with the LIB. As long as GAC version is in-sync with your project version, you should be in good shape. Let me know if you have trouble.


Konstantin Petkov said...

Hey Todd,

Let's mention another Telerik product's Service Pack already released: Telerik WebUI Test Studio Q1 '09 SP1. For everyone out there interested in the product I recommend this release including a dozen of bug fixes and more improvements. The release notes are also available online: