Thursday, April 09, 2009

OpenAccess ORM 101 webinar today

Looking to improve your understanding of Telerik OpenAccess ORM? Today's your day. Telerik Evangelist Kevin Babcock will be delivering a webinar today that is going to introduce you to the basics of working with Telerik's new ORM. Here's a quick synopsis of what will be covered today: Finding a full-featured, yet easy-to-use, ORM is increasingly important these days as software developers aim to build applications more quickly. In this introductory session Kevin will demonstrate how easy it is to build your data layer using OpenAccess. You'll see how to transform tables into persistent classes using the Reverse Mapping wizard, and how to take existing classes and let OpenAccess create the database schema using the Forward Mapping wizard. Kevin will wrap up the session by demonstrating the ease with which you can use OpenAccess' first class LINQ support or the new OpenAccessDataSource control to hook up your data layer to the ASP.NET and WinForms data components with which you're already familiar. Sound interesting to you? Sign-up now to join the fun at 11:00 AM Eastern. As always, the Telerik Weekly Webinars are free and they will be recorded and made available on Telerik TV. This webinar will also lay the foundation for an "advanced" webinar on OpenAccess to air in a couple of weeks. Enjoy the free resource and stay tuned for more great Weekly Webinars from Telerik. Register now for the OpenAccess ORM 101 webinar


Nayt said...

Is there going to be an offline copy of the webinar available?

Nayt said...

Nevermind, find it on Telerik TV - of course should have looked there first: