Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Weekly Webinar: Using RadTreeView for WPF

Ready for another Telerik Weekly Webinar? This week the topic is "Using RadTreeView for WPF," and Telerik Developer Evangelist John Kellar will be your guide to this key WPF control. Among the topics that will be covered during this free, live event:

  • Data biding
  • Implementing Drag-and-Drop
  • Editing Node Templates
The event will be at the "normal" Weekly Webinar time: Thursday, April 30th, 11:00 AM Eastern, and it will be recorded for Telerik TV, too. To reserve your seat, register now. For those of you looking for the "RadControls for Silverlight in ASP.NET" weekly webinar, it has been moved to next week. That said, if you want to make sure you get your seat for next week's Weekly Webinar, you can register today and then join the Silverlight fun next Thursday. So quick recap: We hope you are enjoying these free training resources. If you have any feedback, always feel free to share. My email address is easy to find: anglin[at]telerik[dot]com.