Thursday, May 14, 2009

Developer news from TechEd 2009

As you may have gathered from my live keynote coverage on Monday, TechEd 2009 is not shaping-up to be a great conference for developers. With zero (zip, nadda) coverage of developer topics in the big TechEd keynote, the tone was set for a conference that would continue to prove heavily biased to the IT Pro. So, news from TechEd for developers: Uh... Well... There's... I've really got nothing. There is no beta for .NET 4 or VS2010. There is no new Silverlight 3 beta. There is no preview of ASP.NET 4 features in the Microsoft booth (I know- I'm working there). There's no update for Azure or SQL Data Services. There's not even new info about possible release dates for any developer technologies. It's really a conference devoid of much exciting content for developers. The general feeling at the conference amongst developers (the few that are here) seems to be clear: MIX and PDC are the events to attend and TechEd is now an IT Pro event. Sad, but unavoidably true...


Gregory Wilmes said...

From :
"Beta 1 releases of VS2010 and .Net 4 are both likely to be made available for download sometime over the next couple of weeks, and possibly as soon as the week of May 18."

Fingers crossed :/

Todd Anglin said...

@Gregory- Yes, there is some chatter like that (and little news, like the new Toolkit controls), but they're not doing anything with it at TechEd. The "official" line here is: There is no new release date info at this time. Expect .NET 4 and VS2010 sometime in the next year.

If there is a beta for May 18th, then they missed a -huge- opportunity to get some value out of the release by promoting it at TechEd!


Dave, Brighton UK said...

Dunno what you think Todd, as you are there, but perhaps they should take the "Tech" out of TechEd.

Thanks for reporting back though; much appreciated by those who aren't in the US, and furthermore like a dev-centric independant viewpoint.

Todd Anglin said...

@Dave- Well, IT is still "tech"- it's just not "developer" tech. For my money, I'd attend PDC and MIX for now, especially since PDC has become a regular conference that doesn't focus exclusively on long-term MSFT plans. Hopefully TechEd will "re-balance" next year.