Tuesday, March 16, 2010

LIVE @ MIXnote, Day Two


One day is in the history books here at MIX10, but Day Two is just about to get kicked-off with another keynote here in the Mandalay Bay Ballroom. I’m once again settled in to my seat (with more battery than yesterday) and I will be compiling your real-time “cliff notes” of the keynote news and announcements. It’s not live blogging- there’s a live stream feed that makes that pointless- but if you just want the highlights, this is your post.

After yesterday’s YoYo Champ warm-up act, today Microsoft is giving the stage to one of their designers who is doing a digital painting on what looks like a Wacom touch-screen monitor. The real stuff starts soon…

9:05 AM: Dean Hachamovitch, head of Internet Explorer, taking stage as opening speaker. Today’s keynote is going to start by being a standards-based (HTML/Script/CSS) talk.

  • “Chakra” is the new IE9 JavaScript engine- will compile and run JS against multi-core hardware
  • IE9 passes nearly 600 CSS3 selector tests, Passes 55/100 ACID3 test checks (will continue to improve)
  • Microsoft submit 100+ test cases to W3C to try to improve consistent rendering between browsers
  • HTML5 runs on GPU in IE9 (built on DirectX) – significantly more performant than FF/Chrome when handling complex visuals. Rendering engine built from the ground-up to run on graphics hardware.

9:27 AM: Key phrase from the performance section of talk: “Same markup. Same script. Just working across browsers.”

  • IE9 Platform Preview available today. Lightweight shell around IE9 engine (“Trident”) with demos.
  • Platform Preview will be updated every 8 weeks.
  • IE9 supports hardware accelerated HTML5 video – very high performance, even with HD

9:35 AM: Microsoft’s keypharse for IE9: Same markup, Better performance.

9:36 AM: ScottGu taking stage to transition talk in to talking about server tools and platforms. Getting started by reviewing what’s coming in VS2010. Reviewing what’s new in ASP.NET 4, MVC, etc. Old news for most people, I think.


9:45 AM: We’re in the middle of some Hanselman demos, showing MVC 2, VS2010. Again, nothing new if you’ve been following along with MVC/VS2010 beta/RC.

  • Microsoft is going to start contributing code to jQuery + testing and QA resources
  • 1st contribution: a new jQuery client-side templating engine (co-created with jQuery)

10:00 AM: ScottGu is reviewing how Microsoft has made it easier to get started with .NET (Spark programs, WPI, etc.)

10:05 AM: ScottGu is done with his part of the keynote. Turning over to Doug Purdy to talk about “Services Powering Experiences.” Sounds more like a breakout session than a keynote topic…


  • Netflix Catalog API has been launched in OData
  • iPhone support for OData announced today (people are bored in the keynote…)
  • OData released under Apache open source license (another mild audience reaction)
  • Most interesting part of this segment: new web-based tool, codenamed “Houston,” for developing/managing SQL Azure databases!

10:37 AM: My first instinct was right. The last 30 minutes have felt more like a developer breakout session than a keynote. Very data focused. Surprised this topic has received so much stage time at MIX. Almost think they ran-out of “keynote topics” and used this as filler.

10:42 AM: Bill Buxton taking stage to close out keynote. Refreshing return to keynote-style content and focus on design. Unfortunately, this part of the keynote is probably not going to be good for extracting “highlights.” Skip to this time in the on-demand recording of keynote for Bill’s content.


  • “Project Gustav” is the painting program used at the opening of the keynote. Being built by Microsoft Research. Hardware is actually prototype hardware from Wacom- some mashup of multiple components that has high quality stylus and 10-point multi-touch.

And things are wrapping-up now. Great opening and closing in today’s keynote. Middle…eh. Now on to another full day of sessions and Telerik booth/kiosk work. More updates as the week rolls on, both here on Telerik Watch and on Twitter.


fanefonela said...

Surprised this topic has received so much stage time at MIX. Almost think they ran-out of “keynote topics” and used this as filler.

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