Monday, March 08, 2010

Twitter contest for Q1 2010 Release Week

tweetBird Now that the entire world is on Twitter, it’s more important than ever to let them know about Telerik’s new Q1 2010 release. As you know by now, this week is the Q1 2010 Release Week, and no, the new bits aren’t available just yet. The bits will start to be available no later than Wednesday, but the Q1 2010 release fun starts tomorrow!

The Q1 2010 Release Overview and What’s New in ASP.NET AJAX and the Telerik Extensions for ASP.NET MVC webcast happens tomorrow, Tuesday, at 11:AM EST. If you attend live, you have two chances at winning a Telerik Premium Collection. Register now!

Also starting tomorrow, March 9, is the Q1 2010 Twitter Contest. To play, simply:

  1. Create a Twitter account (if you don’t already have one – brush the dust off the one you stopped using 3 months ago and it will work, too)
  2. Follow @Telerik (while you’re at it, follow @toddanglin)
  3. Tweet your favorite Q1 2010 feature by midnight March 12 (EST)

Don’t forget to include #telerik or “Telerik” somewhere in your tweet so we can easily enter it in to the contest. If you’re new to Twitter, here are some example tweets:

Telerik Q1 2010 is awesome! I love everything, even the packaging!!

The new visual designer in OpenAccess ORM is crazy-go-nuts cool! #telerik

I’m stuck in traffic eating a ham sandwich. Flowers are colorful. Sharpie? #telerik

You get the idea. One entry will be counted per Twitter account, but you’re free to tweet as much as you want about the release. The counting starts in about 7 hours!


Gregory WILMES said...

Comments are like Twitter :)

2010 Q1s are all out, ready for download, and changelogs are so big ! great work, specially for WPF and Silverlight.
OpenAccess seems to be even better with its visual editor.

#telerik :)