Thursday, March 11, 2010

Vote for Q2 2010 Features using PITS

vote About a month ago, we introduced a cool new support feature on called PITS: Public Information Tracking System. PITS is linked directly to the Telerik TFS data and it’s your window in to our planning and software construction process. If you’ve never explored PITS, read-up on it’s features and then try it out. It’s a very cool tool and a good showcase of “useful” Silverlight.

PITS also features voting!

If you have a account, you can login and vote for features and bug reports that are most important to you. Telerik uses this voting information to help us set the priority for what we’ll work on in the next release cycle. There is no easier way to impact the release process than voting in PITS. So, now that Q1 2010 is out the door, you can visit PITS and start voting for what you want to see in Q2!

When in PITS, you can “Show Issues For” specific products, and you can also filter issues “scheduled for” a specific release. To vote for future issues, change the scheduled filter to show “Not Scheduled” issues. You can then click on issues, give them your vote, and even leave a comment for extra feedback. Don’t see a feature you want listed? You can also quickly submit new feature requests via PITS.

To help you get started, here are direct links to the “Not Scheduled” views for all products:

So far, the Extensions for MVC is the only product with a lot of Q2 ideas in PITS, but other products will be exposing more ideas soon. And if you’re an MVC fan, the top voted feature right now for Q2 is Grid column resizing. Not what you want? Vote now!


Steve said...

This isn't the best way to vote for features...PITS, while a nice idea fails in the fact that it's like the apple app store which every item goes under review before posted. I've had a bunch of issues submitted on tickets, none of which are in PITS.

The new designer features in ORM 2010 are largely broken, and none of that is reported to PITS

You guys need something like this