Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Q2 2010 is live, Download today!

q2-2010-release And just like that, the next major Q release from Telerik is available on! Today marks the official release of all Q2 2010 bits, which means all ten developer products in the Telerik Ultimate Collection have been updated! I’m always amazed (even as an insider) at our ability to consistently deliver high quality releases full of new features and innovation on time, and I’m sure you’re going to enjoy what you find in this release. While there is tons that could be talked about in a release this big, let me draw your attention to a few major improvements you’ll find:

  1. (Real) RichTextBox for Silverlight
    Sure, Silverlight 4 ships with a “richtextbox,” but anybody who has worked with it knows its limits (no “end-user features,” support for only XAML formatting, etc.). The RadRichTextBox for Silverlight that officially ships today finally gives developers a native Silverlight text editor that can import/export HTML(!), Word’s DOCX format, and XAML. It also includes built-in support for paged(!) printing. Enjoy. (TIP: If you see the old Q2 online demos, try clearing your browser’s cache.)
  2. Assembly Minifier for Silverlight
    If you’re building Silverlight apps, you know how important (and challenging) it is to keep them small. Telerik goes the extra mile in Q2 2010 by giving you a new tool to help you minify your Telerik RadControl assemblies. Check it out online and watch for some powerful improvements in this tool in upcoming releases.
  3. Improved Automated Testing for Silverlight Apps
    Now that the Telerik Ultimate Collection includes the Dev Edition of WebUI Test Studio, I expect many more of you are starting to experience the benefits of automated UI testing. In this release, Telerik extends its industry leading support for testing Silverlight by adding support for creating Out-of-Browser Silverlight app tests, support for testing ChildWindows and Pop-ups, improved support for virtualized lists, and a cool new pixel-based image verification (for “visual” validation of an app).
  4. Round-Trip Mapping in OpenAccess ORM
    One of my favorite features in Q2 2010 is the new Round-Trip Mapping support in OpenAccess. Not only does the Visual Designer now support forward and reverse mapping, it lets you “switch” between forward and reverse mapping at any time in a project. No more “either or” decisions about making projects forward or reverse mapped. This makes OpenAccess very flexible (more than any other ORM I’m aware of) and enables some new cool scenarios (such as, reverse map to start a project, then forward map as your project evolves).
  5. Official Release of JustMock!
    And finally, JustMock, our newest developer productivity tool. JustMock makes mocking as easy (as possible) in unit tests by fully leveraging the language features of .NET to provide an intuitive, fluid API. It also integrates with JustCode to help you write some of your mocking code, making it easy to start mocking even if you’ve never done any in the past.

That’s already a lot of value, and I haven’t even mentioned the new controls and features in the RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX, Telerik Extensions for MVC, RadControls for WinForms, or the other 12 new controls in the RadControls for XAML, OR the new interactive features in Reporting! Clearly, too much for one blog post, so for now, the most important thing to do is download the new bits and try things out for yourself. So…download the new bits and enjoy Q2. More details and coverage to come!