Friday, July 16, 2010

What’s being said about Telerik Q2 2010

megaphone-green It’s only days after Telerik shipped the major Q2 2010 release, and already the internet is abuzz with praise for our latest round of bits. Both “traditional” media and the always buzzing social media are talking about Q2 2010. From the traditional press, you can find good articles talking about Q2 2010 bits here:

A Busy Week, But a Good One
Dr. Dobb’s – M-Dev Update (by Jon Erickson)

Telerik Pushes Design, Testing Tools
SD Times (by Dave Worthington)

Meanwhile, from the vocal Twitterland, developers are spreading the word about the Telerik release and adding their two-cents (or stotinky, if you’re in Bulgaria) as they go:

“Congratulations to @Telerik - JustCode excellent updates on the Q2 2010 with this great news :D”
(by @djonatastenfen)

“…the HTML that that #Telerik control outputs is perfect - images are imbedded! What we were looking for.”
(by @lancelarsen – he’s talking about the new RichTextBox for Silverlight)

“New #telerik Silverlight Demo based on 2010 Q2 controls, is available. Looks super clean!”
(by @BenHayat)

“Started up visual studio with a nice surprise alert: new version of JustCode from #Telerik is out!”
(by @SelAromDotNet)

(by @ssdulawat)

“Liking what I see in Telerik Silverlight controls Q2 2010: Like the XAP minifier.”
(by @gillcleeren)

“…Cool re freebies from Telerik. They just released Q2 of their toolkit today. Looks ace.”
(by @graemehumphrey)

“Telerik have just released a new beta of their mvc extensions. Some very nice stuff in there. #dotnet #mvc”
(by @seancross)

“Just bought the Telerik suite for silverlight and wpf. Lovin it”
(by @JoshGraham78)

“Wow, Telerik's OpenAccess ORM looks impressive
(by @coridrew)

Even the blogosphere (yes, people still blog in this ago of “social updates”) is spreading love and excitement for the Q2 release:

HTML Editor in Telerik Extensions for ASP.NET MVC
(by David Hayden)

New goodies in the Q2 Release of Telerik OpenAccess : Part I
(by Stephen Forte – an “insider,” but a great intro post)

What do you think of Q2 2010? Hopefully you’re discovering and enjoying the new features, controls, and tools. Be sure to join us next week for the “What’s New Webinars,” which will help answer any questions you have about the new bits. Until then, keep on enjoying Telerik’s Q2 release and be sure to share your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter!