Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Virtual MVC Conference this Thursday, Join my sessions

mvcconf-2010 As if there wasn’t enough to do online this week with the Telerik Webinar Week, I have another online event that needs mentioning. This Thursday, July 22nd, from 8 AM to 5 PM Central time, there will be a virtual ASP.NET MVC conference. Conducted entirely over Live Meeting, the day long (free, Telerik-sponsored) conference, dubbed mvcConf, will feature 3 tracks with sessions exclusively covering ASP.NET MVC and related topics. There will be some great speakers presenting throughout the day, so if MVC is something you’re even remotely interested in, this is a great “event” to attend.

For my part, I’ll be delivering two sessions (official schedule should be on website soon):

  • Creating Rich MVC Views with Open Source Telerik Extensions
    11:00 AM Central Time
    ASP.NET MVC is a great web development platform, but it shouldn’t require you to write all HTML, CSS, and JavaScript by hand. Come learn how the free and open source Telerik Extensions for ASP.NET MVC are making it easy to build rich MVC views by giving you MVC-native reusable UI components. This session will focus on how to add Telerik Extensions to an MVC project, how to use the rich Grid for MVC (including binding to web services), in addition to highlighting additional tools in the MVC toolbox, such as the new rich text Editor for MVC.
  • The Four C’s of Web Asset Optimization
    2:00 PM Central Time
    Learn how to leverage the four C’s of web asset optimization- caching, combining, compressing, and CDNs- to deliver higher performance standards-based web sites. By applying one or all of these techniques to JavaScript and CSS resources, ASP.NET MVC applications can improve load-time performance and scalability. This session will  also look at two Extensions included in the open source Telerik Extensions for MVC- ScriptRegistrar and StyleSheetRegistrar- that simplify the actions required to optimize web assets.

So, right after you attend the JustCode/JustMock/OpenAccess ORM Telerik webinar (at 10:00 AM Central), jump over and join me for some MVC fun at mvcConf. If the conference will allow it, I’ll give away a few commercial licenses for the Telerik MVC Extensions and JustMock to attendees of my sessions.

One final note: the event is currently sold out! I know, unusual for an online event, but I’m told it has to do with the event’s access to Live Meeting (or Live Meeting limits, or something…). Fortunately, they are working on streaming sessions via UStream, too, so check the conference website for updates (or check their official Twitter account). Otherwise, I’ll see you- virtually- at mvcConf on Thursday.