Monday, December 11, 2006

10 days 'til Q4...maybe

It's hard to believe that Q4 is already upon us...well, almost upon us. According to numerous comments from the telerik team over the last few weeks, December 20th is the target release date for the big Q4 2006 release. This release will introduce a number of new product features and lots more product documentation (including a brand new Video Library), much of which I've commented on before. There are no betas for the Q4 release at the time of this post, though they should be available very soon. Once they hit the streets, I'll be sure to bring you any new news regarding what you'll find in the Q4 controls. So keep your RSS readers tuned-in for the latest updates and get ready for another fun-filled release. If there are any announced delays or changes in the release schedule, you can find the information here first.