Friday, December 22, 2006

telerik changes trial licensing

In a move that is sure to make it easier for people evaluating r.a.d.controls to fully test the controls in their development environments, telerik announced in their recent Q4 Newsletter that it would be eliminating the need for license files on all future trial downloads. Instead, the trials will now be "time bombed" and they will expire after 30 days.

The huge upside to this is that you can now use the trial version of the components on any domain that you please. Trails won't be restricted to localhost (0r the single domain that you request for your trial license) and will be easy to use wherever you need to do your testing.

As subscription developers, we enjoy unusually pain-free, no-hassle licensing with r.a.d.controls and now new comers to the r.a.d. suite can enjoy the same...well, for 30 days at least.