Tuesday, December 12, 2006

r.a.d.ajax nominated for best AJAX framework

The 2007 Sys-Con Readers' Choice Awards have nominated telerik's r.a.d.control suite in the "Best .NET Libraries and Controls" category and r.a.d.ajax in the "Best AJAX Framework" category. Telerik is up against some large industry players in both categories, such as Microsoft's ASP.NET AJAX in the Framework category and Infragistics NetAdvantage for .NET in the Library category. In 2005 (the last award year), telerik was first runner-up in the "Best .NET Libraries and Controls" category, coming in second to Sybase's DataWindow.NET.

According to Sys-Con's website, nominations for these awards closed October 1st and voting began November 1st. Their site is in need of some attention, though, because it appears that the nomination form is still active and the voting form is nowhere to be found. Nonetheless, if you are a fan of the telerik products and you want to participate in the "Oscars for the Software Industry", you have until December 31st to make your vote count. That is, of course, if you can figure out where to vote.

Update: No thanks to the Sys-Con site, I've found the real link to the 2007 Readers' Choice voting page. Click here to officialy get your vote on.