Friday, December 22, 2006

updated assembly references for Q4 2006

If you have control of your server (in other words, you're not using shared hosting), one of the easiest ways to deploy your r.a.d.controls is in the GAC (Global Assembly Cache). Deploying to the GAC allows you to deploy once for all of your applications, which can be a big time saver if you run a number of apps on your server that use r.a.d.controls. Until the Telerik installer gives us the option to install to the GAC automatically, we must manually copy and paste the r.a.d.control assemblies to GAC (usually located at C:\WINDOWS\assembly) and update our machine.config (or web.config, depending on your preference) with the new assembly version numbers. It's a relatively easy task, but if you've never used the GAC before it can be time consuming process to add all of the r.a.d.control references. Save your time and use this handy Q4 2006 machine.config update. The sections available on this document are for the .NET2 r.a.d.control assemblies and they can be copied and pasted to your machine.config or web.config for quick upgrading (note: a reference for the last release of r.a.d.callback (Q1 2006 SP2) is in the document. Remove that reference if you no longer use r.a.d.callback.). Hopefully this will help make your upgrading to Q4 quick and painless. If you have any trouble or questions, just ask for help in the comments. Enjoy~