Monday, March 26, 2007

ajax papers: part II

After a much longer delay that I had hoped would separate installments, part two of my multi-part series on Ajax is finally live. In part one, we looked at the basics of Ajax and examined at a low level how Ajax communicates asynchronously with a server. In this installment, we look at how you handle an Ajax response to modify the browser DOM and update a page (we also look at a couple of "gotchas" that come into play when updating a page after an Ajax callback).

When you're done with this installment, you'll have a firm grasp (if you didn't before) on how Ajax communicates with the server and how it updates the page. While Ajax libraries like RadAjax and ASP.NET Ajax usually remove the need for us to understand Ajax at this low, JavaScript level, understanding what the frameworks do under the hood should make us all more capable of writing fast and efficient Ajax applications.

And don't miss the PDF version of the article for the best reading experience. The blogs are (unfortunately) still running an old version of Community Server, so the formatting of the online posts isn't great (I've left the "Trivia" sections out of the online post altogether). Hopefully I'll be able to deliver better online viewing experiences in the future, but for now the PDF is the best looking copy.

Enjoy the article and watch for part three in about a week.