Friday, March 02, 2007

Firefox and Ajax

You may have seen scattered reports across the web that the latest Firefox update has created more problems than it has solved. Whether that is true or not, one thing is certain: the latest Firefox update has dramatically changed how dynamically loaded client scripts are executed in the browser. These changes are creating a lot of headaches for Ajax frameworks that are now suddenly finding their dynamically loaded scripts firing at the wrong time.

This problem affected the r.a.d.ajax framework, but today's service pack corrected all of the reported problems in Telerik's Ajax implementation. This problem has also reportedly affected the Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX framework. Unfortunately, Microsoft is not able to release a service pack for ASP.NET AJAX as quickly as Telerik can, so they are currently "working with the Firefox team" to find a way to fix their framework.

What's the take away from this issue? If you use r.a.d.ajax you should look into promoting SP2 to production as soon as possible to address any problem FF has created for your users. Firefox's uncharacteristic faux pas just goes to show that there is no such thing as a "minor" software update...

View Bugzilla report for this problem


Martin & Christina said...

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Thanks for the comment. I'll look into that option. I know it is possible to enable full posts via RSS, but I have been reluctant to enable that feature for fear of losing my ability to track the site's readers accurately. I'll try to figure out how RSS readers impact a site's traffic numbers and make the change based on that.

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Martin & Christina said...

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BTW: Scott Hanselman has an interesting post about how feed readers (such as google reader) report the number of subscribed users: