Friday, March 30, 2007

code converter updated

The recently released Code Converter web site has been updated! Here's a list of the improvements you'll find in this update:

  • Fixed RequestValidation errors (you can now convert "< >" code in peace)
  • Added cookie support for Converter settings
    • Remembers "Tab Key" setting
    • Remembers conversion method setting
  • Fixed Tab Key support
    • Allows you to enable/disable tab key in code entry textbox
    • Fixed JavaScript error being created by TabExtender (what's this? You'll find out soon...)
  • Added obligatory FavIcon to site
Hopefully these improvements will make the Code Converter even more useful in your daily coding lives. The next improvement to come should be comment conversion support (I know you all want it and I know NRefactory supports it). Watch for that update next week. Now have some fun and go convert some code!

P.S. Can you do P.S. in blogs? Well I will. The Yahoo! Widgets Code Converter has been approved and is now in the Yahoo! Widgets Gallery. Download the widget here and bring the convenience of the Code Converter to your desktop.