Friday, March 23, 2007

announcing new code converter

If you work with ASP.NET, chances are there have been times when you need to convert a snippet of VB to C# or vice versa. I recently was shocked to discover that no code conversion widgets existed for any of the major widget tools on the market. That's right. Nobody has created a C# to VB and back again converter for Konfabulator Yahoo! Widgets or Windows Sidebar or Google Desktop. Until now.

In collaboration with some of the guys on the dev teams at Telerik, I have started to fill the gap. Today I am announcing the launch of two new free services: Code Converter for Yahoo! Widgets and These tools provide easy, clutter- and ad-free C# to VB and VB to C# code conversions. Both are still in "beta", so be sure to share your feedback so that we can improve the tools (a forum will be created on to facilitate feedback soon).

We are using the open source NRefactory conversion engine to perform our conversions, so your results will be accurate and among the best available on the web. In a few days, I will provide a chart that compares the features of the major online code converters and you'll be able to easily see how we're improving this basic tool for the community. My goal is to provide best free online C#/VB code converter and a comprehensive set of widgets that give you desktop access to the service in Yahoo! Widgets (released today), Google Desktop, and Windows Sidebar.

So help spread the word about these new tools and let us know what you think. With your feedback, I believe we can create the best free code converter on web and the desktop.


Adrian said...

good one!

1. Improvement would be to also convert comments..

Todd Anglin said...


Thanks for the suggestion. That feature is definitely top of the list. NRefactory should support the preservation of comments during the conversion, so expect this feature soon.


Tom said...

Todd -

Can't find any other way to contact you. Feedburner is still eating the date/time stamps on your posts for at least Outlook 2007's RSS reader. Check out the screenshot I posted here illustrating the problem.

Todd Anglin said...


Yeah...I know. I subscribe to my own feed in Outlook 2007, too, and I see this problem. Unfortunately I can't find much help on the issue. The best I can find is this forum post:

FeedBurner Support Forums

I've checked the dates on my RSS feeds, and they look okay. So I'm at a loss. That said, I'd encourage you to use the original Blogger feed (instead of FeedBurner) until the issue can be figured out.

I am considering making a move off of Blogger to address this issue and others, but that's probably weeks away. Hopefully the original Blogger feed will be enough of a work around for now.