Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Announcing North Houston .NET User Group

Do you live in a big city? Does your city have a .NET User Group? Is it like super far away. If you live in North Houston (The Woodlands, actually), then all of the above are true. To solve the problem and bring the .NET community together in the North Houston area, I've created the North Houston .NET User Group. This new user group will meet on the third Thursday of every month at 18:30 beginning January 17th and should become an outstanding resource for local .NET developers.

Now, I know many of you that read this blog are not in the Houston area and will not able to join us for the fun, but you can still take a couple of things away from this post. First, if you also live in an area that has .NET developers but no active DNUG, start your own! The process is not hard and you can find everything you need (including a complete directory of existing DNUGs) on the CodeZone website. Second, if you are in the area in the future, feel free to drop in on our group. I'd love to meet more of you face-to-face and I encourage you to visit as guests or speakers.

Check out the newly created NHDNUG website (running on Sitefinity, of course) for info and drop me a line if you're in town.


Anonymous said...

Hi Todd,

I really like the design you put together for the UG site.

fyi, you've got what looks to be a CSS bug when rendering at widescreen resolutions in IE7.

Working in Sitefinity has required me to put a lot more time into CSS than every before.

Anonymous said...


I am planning to come to the kick-off meeting on Jan 17th and so are couple of my colleagues. Please let us know if there is any schedule changes.