Monday, December 17, 2007

Q3 2007 this week (update)

The time has finally arrived! Well, maybe I shouldn't say "finally" since it has really only been a few months since Q2. Either way, this is the release week for Q3 2007 and there are a lot of fun things coming out soon. Over the past several weeks we've talked about what you can expect to see in this week's release, but in case you've missed some of those posts, here's a quick (not exhaustive) recap:

  • VS 2008 compatibility updates for all controls
  • Native build of "Prometheus" controls against .NET 3.5
  • 6 freshly "Prometheus'd" controls: RadGrid, RadTreeview, RadCombobox, RadMenu, RadSpell, RadUpload
  • 7 brand new WinForms controls: RadColorDialog, RadDateTimePicker, RadMaskedEdit, RadStatusStrip, RadRotator, RadRadioButton, RadSpinEditor
  • Major enhancements to 2 "classic" ASP.NET controls: RadChart and RadGrid (RadEditor will get major enhancements in SP1)
  • New 'Export to Excel' feature in Telerik Reporting
  • Tons of new and improved documentation for all controls, especially WinForms controls
  • Preview release (online only) of RadControls for Silverlight
Clearly, there's a lot going on across all of the product lines at Telerik and a lot to get excited about as a developer. The release should drop by the middle of the week, so check your downloads on Wednesday or Thursday for the new bits. Consider the release your first present this holiday season!

UPDATE: Added RadSpell to the list of new controls coming to "Prometheus" in Q3.


Anonymous said...

Just curious, what do you mean by "online only"? -Tom

Shaun Peet said...

That means there will be online examples only and it will not be available for download.

Shaun Peet said...

Todd: according to this post:

The update is coming on the 18th. Is that incorrect?

Todd Anglin said...


Online only means that there will not be any downloads for the Silverlight 2.0 controls at this time. Look for downloads in the Spring 2008 timeframe when the Silverlight 2.0 beta ships from Microsoft.


Todd Anglin said...


Yes, it is very likely that the release will be available tomorrow, but it could be late in the day. For that reason, I'm suggesting people make their plans for Wednesday or Thursday. I think you're well aware of how people act when the controls aren't waiting in their downloads section the day of an announced release. :)


Don Worthley said...

I realize now that you meant RadChart, but I got really excited when I scanned your post and saw a reference to RadChat. I was all excited thinking Telerik had made a r.a.d.Chat control. :)

You guys are doing an awesome job. Loved the preview you gave last week on the new Silverlight controls. I'm very excited about what this will mean for web developers using the Telerik suite of controls!

Todd Anglin said...

Good catch! Sorry for the confusion. I've updated the post to properly reflect RadChart.