Thursday, December 20, 2007

Telerik launches new Enterprise Services

When it comes to developing software, Enterprise software shops (especially internal software shops or "factories" as they're often called these days) are a unique animal. They have massively complex requirements, tight deadlines, carefully monitored metrics, and the need to respond quickly to any of the crazy innovative ideas the business units submit. Having spent some time myself in a large, Fortune 200 IT shop with over 1,500 people, I know first-hand the challenges facing Enterprise developers are unique.

Telerik also recognizes the unique nature of Enterprise development and with the Q3 2007 release has launched new services tailored for Enterprise customers. These new services are primarily aimed at providing extra levels of support and training for large development teams that need to be 100% confident they can generate rapid ROI with Telerik tools. Launching this week are:

More services will be introduced in the coming quarter, including a number of innovative new services focused on training. For now, though, if you're an Enterprise customer (defined as a customer with 15 or more licenses), head over to the Telerik website and review the new service options available for your immediate consumption. If you're not an Enterprise customer, watch for more exciting information soon about new services designed for you.