Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Survey Says: Most .NET developers not attending User Groups

In yet another completely unscientific, non-representative straw poll run on this site, I asked how many of you, dear readers, attend a local .NET User Group (or DNUG). It turns out, most of you don't attend DNUGs. I found the results of the survey a little surprising considering the audience. You represent developers passionate enough about technology to spend time tracking down and reading a very niche blog like this. You are exactly the type of people I'd expect to find attending DNUGs.

So that begs the question, why don't you attend a DNUG? Are there no well organized DNUGs in your area? Do you prefer to spend your evenings as far from technology as possible? Or do you simply not find DNUGs appealing? Whatever your answer, I want to know. Sound-off in the comments and let the world know your opinion of .NET's little social learning clubs.

And, of course, if you're in the Houston area, don't miss the premier of the North Houston DNUG in early January. I promise it will at least be an okay time.


Anonymous said...

"Are there no well organized DNUGs in your area"
Thats one big reason, the other is that we haven't got any information on what benefit the DNUG has for us. Perhaps that's related to the other reason above.
Here in Sweden I haven't heardanything about a Swedish DNUG. Sadly....

Joshua Starr said...

Well, I have been to a few -- they are fun to attend. I however feel a bit out of my "element" when I'm mingling with real live humans for extended periods. Maybe I should start Indianapolis's first IRC based DNUG :)


Todd Anglin said...

@Pelle- Sorry to hear that about Sweden. You could always start a DNUG in your area if there enough .NET developers around. If I understand correctly, Microsoft is -very- supportive when it comes to International community efforts.

@Joshua- You may be on to something. Maybe that's why the Second Life DNUG seems to be doing very well. :)