Tuesday, December 18, 2007

RadControls for Silverlight demos online

Following the huge interest in the RadControls for Silverlight exposed during the recent World Premiere event, Telerik has delivered on its promise to make the RadControls for Silverlight demos available online. Now you can do more than watch the Silverlight controls in action; you can try them for yourself. Everything shown-off in the World Premiere (and then some) is available online, which includes the following Silverlight controls:

  • RadAnimations
  • RadButtons (6 types)
  • RadCombobox
  • RadListBox
  • RadMenu
  • RadProgressBar
  • RadSlider
  • RadTabStrip
  • RadTextBox
  • RadTreeView
  • RadUpload
And while you can't download the Silverlight controls during this release, you can use the "View Source" tool on all demos to see the related XAML and C# markup. These demos should start to help you really think about how you'll be able to use Silverlight to build applications in 2008 and prove that Silverlight is going to be a platform just as capable as ASP.NET or WinForms.

While you're playing with the online demos, do remember that this is an alpha preview. Performance is severely limited by the Silverlight framework itself, so you can expect the final versions of these controls to be much faster than they are today as the framework matures. Other than that, have fun and be sure to share your feedback!


Shaun Peet said...

Why isn't this linked in the telerik Labs?

Anonymous said...

Loading time is extremely slow. I got Silverlight 1.1 Alpha already installed, but the demo page is just loading on black background forever on my 256 kbps connection. It's been 20 minutes and still black. Firefox and IE7 freeze while Silverlight is downloading contents from telerikwatch.com.

Todd Anglin said...


Make sure you don't have any download managers getting in the way of the Zipped resources the demo needs to run. I know that I often have to disable my download manager on Silverlight pages to make them work. Give that a try and see if it helps. You may also want to try a faster Internet connection if you have access just to see what impact that's having on your experience.

Hope that helps-