Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Q3 release live

Here's some news that should please those of you who just can't wait to get the latest Telerik bits at release time: the Q3 2007 release is live! The dev teams and product managers have worked hard to get the bits out to you before the expected Wednesday arrival, so you can begin enjoying the goodies in the Q3 release a day early. We've already covered the make-up of this release in previous posts, so if you're still wondering what's new be sure to review the archives.

As with all releases, the final step at Telerik is updating everyone's Client.net licenses so that you have access to the new code. That process does take some time, so if you don't see the new bits in your account right now, wait a few hours for your account update and check back again. While you wait, you can check out the official release notes for Q3:

The entire website is still actively being updated for Q3, so don't be concerned that the new Q3 banners are not on the homepage yet. They'll be there soon. You just have fun with the new controls and check back here often for more Q3 news.


Shaun Peet said...

As I slowly download this huge release I'm wondering where the QSF playground for Silverlight 2.0 controls are hiding...

Todd Anglin said...


You just beat the post with your question. Check the blog for links to the Silverlight online demos now. :)