Tuesday, January 15, 2008

First Service Packs of 2008 available today

With 2007 fading in the rear view mirror, it is time to begin welcoming the first software releases of 2008. And first up is a round of service packs for the RadControls for ASP.NET and the RadControls "Prometheus". These service packs address a number of reported issues across all of the RadControls, but the real lion's share of the updates can be found in RadChart and RadGrid. Among the litany of updates and new features in these releases are:

  • New support for codeless hierarchy in RadGrid with LinqDataSource (Classic and Prometheus)
  • Over 20 RadChart rendering fixes
  • Problem uploading large files fixed in RadUpload
  • New VirtualScrolling and AutoHeight features in RadCombobox "Prometheus"
  • Improved full-screen mode in RadEditor (Classic and Prometheus)
You can check out the exhaustive list of updates in the product release notes (Prometheus notes here) and then visit the updated online demos to see the fixes in action. There will not be a WinForms SP1 to accompany the ASP.NET updates today, but you can expect the WinForms service pack around the beginning of February. Enjoy the first new bits of 2008 and don't go far- the big Sitefinity 3.2 release is just around the corner!


Joshua Starr said...

Thanks for the posting. I have started using Prometheus and I am pretty impressed. Keep up the great work!