Wednesday, March 05, 2008

MIX getting started, New Silverlight 2.0 book announced

I'm here in sunny Las Vegas (at least, it was sunny earlier today) with a small contingent from Telerik Bulgaria "preparing" to kick-off the MIX 08 conference tomorrow. And in MIX terms, of course, "preparing" means attending a few parties with Microsoft and .NET community big wigs to talk about the fun that lies ahead for the rest of the week.

One such party I had the pleasure of attending tonight was the O'Reilly authors party at the Venetian. You may recall that I (with a lot of help for the Telerik Silverlight Team) wrote a Silverlight Short Cut for O'Reilly several months ago, so that's how I got my invite. At tonight's event, O'Reilly officially introduced their new "Stay Up-to-date" Silverlight 2.0 book. This new "book" is more like a binder that enables you to replace the pages with more current versions as the Silverlight platform matures. The upgradable book is a brand new concept from O'Reilly, so time will tell if this is an idea people like. In fact, given this description, sound-off in the comments in let me know what you think of an upgradable book and I'll pass your feedback right on to O'Reilly.

One thing that is particularly cool about the new Silverlight 2.0 book is that the first chapter was written by yours truly. The chapter was borrowed from the Short Cut we wrote last year, but it is still a good general introduction to the Silverlight platform. I am happy that our work is finding new purpose this many of months later and I hope it continues to help people learn the Silverlight platform.

And that's all for Day 0 at MIX. Check back tomorrow for more updates as the real fun begins with the keynotes and break-out sessions.