Sunday, March 02, 2008

RadGridView for WinForms gets significant performance boost, beta

For those of you developing WinForms applications, this announcement should be great news! On Friday, the Telerik WinForms team released the long awaited (and slightly delayed) RadGridView Q1 2008 beta. This beta is your first chance to start experimenting with the completely revamped GridView control while you wait for the final version to ship in April with the official Q1 release. For the last 3 or 4 months, the WinForms Team has been working almost exclusively on re-engineering RadGridView with one "simple" goal: deliver the best looking and best performing grid for WinForms.

Their months of hard work have paid-off.

In the beta bits released this Friday, you'll discover a RadGridView that is capable of delivering the same rich, WPF-like UI the original Telerik Grid produced without sacrificing performance. In fact, it now delivers that rich UI while beating the performance of almost all other grid products for WinForms. For instance, here are some of the new performance metrics for RadGridView:

  • Average time to load 300,000 records: 340 ms
  • Average time to group 300,000 records: 100 ms
  • Refresh speed improvement over old grid: 150 times faster!
These numbers are the outcome of the painstaking work conducted by the WinForms Team to build a tool that delivers uncompromising performance, and I think you have to agree they've achieved some incredible results. Try the new GridView for yourself and put these numbers to the test. I certainly don't expect you to take impressive stats like this at face value, so grab the bits, give them a try, and then talk about your experience in our RadGridView beta forum.

On a final note, remember that this is a beta. We have a little time to go before our Q1 release, so your feedback is critical to help crush any remaining bugs. We hope you like what you see so far, though, and are as excited as we are to reach this milestone!