Thursday, March 13, 2008

RadChart used for CodePlex Stats Pages

Looking for a high-profile, real world implementation of RadChart? Look no further than the popular CodePlex website, which just launched a new site update that uses RadChart to display summarized stats for all CodePlex projects. RadChart is part of a new feature on CodePlex called "Project Stats Pages" and as the name implies these pages display information about a project, like monthly pageviews, downloads, and visits. Microsoft chose to use an area chart for their CodePlex implementation, and I must admit that it looks very nice. They've even added some custom JavaScript that enables the RadChart to display tool tips whenever you hover over a specific point, which makes it feel very similar to the charts Google uses in its Analytics product.

To see the RadChart in action on CodePlex, simply visit any CodePlex project page and then click on the "Stats" tab. I've linked directly to the xUnit project via the post image, but any project will allow you to see the RadChart goodness as implemented by Microsoft. Hopefully this example will inspire you to do new things with RadChart and, if nothing else, give you a reason to explore the new features on CodePlex.