Monday, March 24, 2008

Telerik acquires Avaxo Ltd, makers of Bookvar

I have some interesting and exciting news to share with you today. Telerik has just announced that it has acquired small .NET software company Avaxo Ltd, makers of Bookvar. Avaxo, like Telerik, is a Bulgarian company specializing in creating WPF/Silverlight-based mind mapping software. Their Bookvar software enables people to visualize their ideas in a very free-form, interactive way and it also enables people to collectively collaborate on their ideas. Avaxo initially made its mind mapping product available a little over a year ago, with a sophomore edition shipping this past November.

As a part of Telerik, the Bookvar team will be deeply integrated in to Telerik's WPF and Silverlight product teams. They bring extensive experience in information visualization and very senior level development skills, so you should start to see results from the Bookvar talent in the coming Telerik releases. Meanwhile, Telerik will continue to support and enhance the Bookvar mind mapping application, making it not only a stunning integration example of Telerik's WPF and Silverlight controls but also a valuable application unto itself. Join me in welcoming the Avaxo team to Telerik and look forward to impressive results in the future!