Monday, March 10, 2008

Skinnable Form Controls CTP updated

As you may recall, Telerik released some fun skinnable form controls about a month ago as a technology preview in our Code Library. These controls enable you to easily style all of the form elements on your page (such as buttons, checkboxes, radiobuttons, etc.) so that they match the rest of your beautifully skinned web application. Since the CTP last month, there has been a huge positive response to the controls and they are now officially planned to be part of the ASP.NET Q1 2008 release. Another good example of how your input and feedback has driven our product plans and priorities!

Since the Q1 release is still five or six weeks away, the ASP.NET Team has gone ahead and released an updated version of the skinnable form controls CTP. The update delivers a number of new features, including:

  • 10 additional skins
  • Hover/Out states for buttons (pure CSS approach)
  • Image caching for IE6 (to eliminate image flicker)
  • CSS for disabled radiobuttons, checkboxes, buttons
Missing from this list is obviously the much desired ability to use your own custom skins, but that is next on the "to-do" list and it will definitely be part of the official release. For now, enjoy the intermediate update, checkout the updated live demos, and keep sending us your feedback so we can get these helpful controls perfected by April.