Thursday, June 12, 2008

Become an official Telerik fan!

I've said it before, but it's worth saying again: one of the best aspects of a show like TechEd is getting a chance to meet Telerik's "fans." What (or who) is a Telerik fan? These are people that go beyond being loyal customers and transcend in to a realm of zealous enthusiasm for Telerik's products. These are the people that really help Telerik continue to drive forward and disrupt the status quo in the .NET UI components and developer tools market. These are my kind of people.

If you consider yourself a Telerik fan, we've got a great new outlet for your enthusiasm and a new way for you to connect with other Telerik fans! We've created a special Telerik page on Facebook that allows anyone to become a Telerik fan. You simply add yourself as a fan and then enjoy the community of like-minded Telerik fans from literally around the globe. We'll be adding photos from events and periodic announcements to our page so you're always tuned-in to the latest Telerik happenings without leaving the company of your social networking friends. Plus, you can even post your photos of Telerik at events, so bring your pics and join us for some fun on Facebook!


Joshua Starr said...

Pretty neat app. I'm definitely a fan. Speaking of which, where are the .NET Ninja T-Shirts from the contest a while back? I cry myself to sleep every night my mailbox remains empty ;)


Todd Anglin said...

Literally going out in the mail today! I've got a stash of shirts that I brought back from TechEd- literally forgoing my usual carry-on, lightweight travel to get them back- that I'll start mailing out today. Your shirt should arrive soon and you'll be able to sleep soundly again. :)


Asit said...

Boy! I got this email an hour ago and there are already 50 fans.

Joshua Starr said...

Woo hoo! Thanks! Looking forward to the next "Geek shirt" Friday.